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Domain Modeling: What You Need to Know Before Coding

Unpack domain modeling, the key to translating business requirements into technical solutions. Through identifying entities, defining relationships, and employing UML diagrams, this vital step ensures software aligns with user needs, simplifying development and fostering clear stakeholder communication.

Delving Deeper into API Performance Optimization

API performance enhancement, covering caching strategies, data compression techniques, and effective payload management

Kubernetes Is The Answer, But What Is The Question?

Explore why Kubernetes, the powerful solution for managing containerized applications, is indispensable despite its perceived complexity in the software-dominated business landscape

Mastering Cloud Data Management

Effective devops strategies for a secure and efficient workflow

Containerised Microservice Project - Emart App

Packaging a microservice app into a docker container for easy deployment

Amazon Lex & Rekognition Project, AI/ML Serverless

Using AWS AI/ML services to create a website that uses image recognition and chatbot

Hosting a static website on S3

Hosting a static website on Amazon S3

Vagrant Provisioning

Using Infrastructure as code to automatically host a website on a VM

Practising Linux and Vagrant Skills

Setting up a website on a VM using Linux & Vagrant

My First AWS Certificate

How I passed the AWS CCP Exam

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